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    Founded in 1970, Fook’s Jewelry has strived to manufacture high quality fine jewelry since its inception. Following the ever-changing global fashion and market trend, the company has progressively developed into a competitive player with stunning designs, meticulous workmanship and premium qualities. Fook’s Jewelry is a jewelry manufacturer and designer which combines aesthetic theory with innovative concepts.
    At Fook’s Jewelry, each and every one of its dazzling pieces is designed by its experienced in-house designers who have passions in jewelry. It is committed to bringing out the unique beauty and true style of each piece to meet customers’ needs, from beginning to end. Its business philosophies of genuine integrity, creative initiatives and the proactive approach to serve its valued customers has allowed the company to further develop its business spectrum, in particular the export division to the markets in South-East Asia, Middle East and Europe.
    As a result, custom-made jewelry has become one of its strengths. More importantly, Fook’s Jewelry provides top quality jewelry to its customers at the most reasonable price to guarantee that their purchases are “value for money”. Its custom-made jewelry collection mainly ranges from medium to high pricing, depending on the customers’ requirements.